This page shows some of the beads available to you. If you click on each photo it will make it much bigger and easier to see.


These gemstones are available in small chips, bigger nuggets and round beads. They are the same price whichever type of bead you would like in your jewellery. We try to keep all these beads in stock but sometimes they may need ordering in, this usually only takes 3 or 4 days.


We can also get many other gemstone beads in for you if the beads you would like are not shown. email us for a free quote, we are always happy to help.


To let us know the beads you would like (if not ordering the exact same beads shown in the picture) you can type the beads you would like into the colour box of the jewellery item you are buying or let us know when we email to confirm your order with you.


Please note, unfortunately we cannot not make stretch bracelets, stretch anklets and stretch watches with real pearls (due to the small size of the drilled hole). If you would like a watch, anklet or bracelet made with pearls but shown in a stretch design  please pick a clasp from the upgrades page to turn it into a non stretch item of jewellery.


The watch faces on this page are your standard watch faces to choose from. The upgrade watch faces are on the upgrades page.